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A Blueprint to Train, Retain, and Inspire Maine’s Nursing Workforce

Fall 2023 Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program

Welcome to the Maine Nurse Preceptor Education Program (MNPEP) founded by Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine (Lunder-Dineen). Lunder-Dineen, a program of Massachusetts General Hospital, aims to provide free education to health care professionals tailored to address the state's most critical public health and workforce issues. in 2015, Lunder-Dineen established the Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program as a solution to the paucity of formally trained nurse preceptors. Its overarching goal is to advance and support the recruitment, integration, satisfaction, and retention of nursing students, new nurses, and transitioning nurses across the continuum of care. This year, we welcome you to a newly designed set of dynamic and intuitive online modules, with the support of MGH Institute of Health Professions (MGH IHP).

Mass General is dedicated to educating, supporting and mentoring the next generation of local, national and international health care leaders. As the original and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School and the founder of the MGH Institute of Health Professions, education is one of the pillars of the hospital’s four-part mission. It is this commitment to education as part of a shared community of care which first inspired the long-term collaboration between MGH and the Lunder Foundation to create the Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine (Lunder-Dineen).

Established in 2010, Lunder-Dineen – recognizing long-time MGH physician and Maine native James J. Dineen, MD – challenged Mass General to find innovative ways to improve health care in Maine. Among its many offerings was a free Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program aimed at increasing the number of trained nurse preceptors to orient new nurses in the state. To date, more than 1,250 nurses from 100 organizations have participated in the program.

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Lunder-Dineen would like to thank the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Peter L. Slavin, MD Academy for Applied Learning in Health Care and the MGH Institute for Health Professions (IHP) for their on-going leadership and commitment to the Lunder-Dineen Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program (MNPEP). In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Lunder-Dineen turned to its colleagues at the MGH Institute for Health Professions for their expertise in virtual education technologies and delivery models to guide the MNPEP. With the help of nurse leaders at the IHP, Lunder-Dineen was able to pivot its 8 hour, in person workshop into two half-days live, virtual sessions while maintaining the engagement and excitement of an in-person learning event. Leaning on the evaluation experts at the Slavin Academy, we were able to determine that evaluation data showed that participants experienced the same positive impact, knowledge acquisition and attitudinal shifts as earlier programs. The MNPEP has continued as a 100% virtual program ever since. In 2023, our partnership with the MGH IHP has evolved to include garnering their expertise in content development and instructional design. The MGH Slavin Academy, Lunder-Dineen and IHP are proud to bring you this year’s new and improved program.
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How Does This Program Benefit Your Organization?

We help your organization train and retain confident, skilled nurse preceptors. In turn, they cultivate excellence in new nurses across your care teams.

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Program Impact

Click to view our latest interactive infographic. The data in this infographic was collected in 2019 and 2020 from participants in the Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program (MNPEP). Survey components included a pre-program registration survey, a workshop evaluation, and a post-program evaluation. The survey was administered by the MGH Education Department.

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How Does This Program Work?

We provide dynamic education, ongoing practice support, and access to experts who can help nurses troubleshoot real-world challenges.

Community of Practice

Stay connected, share best practices, ask questions, and extend your growth through this vibrant community of program graduates.

Participating Organizations in Maine

Health systems and practices across Maine know that collaborative, interprofessional practice can deliver progress against public health challenges and give patients pathways to health.

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Meet Our Advisory Team

This team represents nurse leaders from practice and academia across settings in Maine.

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"Our experienced long term care nurses who have attended the Maine Nurse Preceptor Education Program have become even more valuable members of our team."

Allyson Miller, RN

Maine Veterans’ Homes

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MNPEP Resources

Access helpful resources for the Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program

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