Time To Ask Helps Identify and Reduce Unhealthy Alcohol Use

Why is Time To Ask Important?

Unhealthy alcohol use is a major public health issue in Maine. It can be difficult to identify and is frequently undertreated.

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How Does Time to Ask Work?

Time to Ask helps primary care clinicians effectively identify, assess, and recommend treatment for patients who may be affected by unhealthy alcohol use.

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Time To Ask Partner Sites

See the list of practices that use Time to Ask to integrate alcohol screenings and interventions into primary care.

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Recovery Conversations

We created a two-part video series titled Recovery Conversations. These are intended to be viewed by non-addiction health professionals and by those in recovery. The goal is to ensure that opportunities are not missed to support a person in their journey towards wellness.

What does long term recovery mean and can I really make a difference?

How can a provider engage with a person in long-term recovery and why does it matter?

Time to Ask Community Voice

What is Time to Ask’s Impact?

Read the evaluation report from Phase 1 of the program. Learn how Time to Ask improves knowledge, enhances skills, and promotes practice change.

How Does Time to Ask Benefit Your Practice?

It increases knowledge, skills, and confidence around alcohol use, screening, intervention and treatment. That enables interprofessional teams to confidently engage and address unhealthy alcohol use with their patients.


What Does the Time to Ask Curriculum Teach?

Module 1

Alcohol Use in Everyday Life

Module 2

The Art and Science of the Conversation

Module 3

Addressing Unhealthy Alcohol Use and Alcohol Use Disorder in Primary Care

(available for 1 Continuing Medical Education Credit)

Supplemental Module

Motivational Interviewing

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"The Time to Ask program has provided us with support, knowledge and tools."

Carol Carew, RN, BSN, MBA, CEO

Bucksport Regional Health Center in Maine

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Meet Our Advisory Team

A volunteer team of experts from across Maine helps lead Time to Ask. They represent academia, primary care settings, pharmacy, recovery, and more.

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Motivational Interviewing Training Opportunity

Motivational interviewing is widely used as an effective tool and approach for discussing difficult chronic health challenges. Use this free training to enhance a person’s motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence around alcohol use.

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Resources on Substance Use Disorders

Access helpful resources on substance use disorders and the Time to Ask program. Find infographics, fact sheets, videos and more.

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