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Noah Nesin "Although alcohol accounts for the vast majority of substance use disorders in the US and in Maine and is a major factor in the disease burden of all of our patient populations, primary care providers and their teams do not routinely engage patients in meaningful conversations about its use. In fact, most health professionals have had little education about alcohol and substance use and how to best engage patients in the conversation.

The evidence tells us that having a meaningful conversation with a patient about their alcohol use, often times positively influences their behavior to reconsider their consumption as they learn about the effect of alcohol use on their overall health. The Time To Ask initiative addresses that education gap by providing this much needed foundational education.

The enhanced health care provider knowledge and confidence which will likely result from this effort will benefit our patients and communities, allowing them to intervene early on to improve quality of life and reduce health care costs."

—Noah Nesin, MD, FAAFP
Vice President of Medical Affairs,
Penobscot Community Health Center

Paula Delahanty "OMNE Nursing Leaders of Maine is grateful for the relationship we have established with the Lunder-Dineen team. Carole, Labrini and Denise have joined us in multiple venues as we assess and respond to contemporary challenges that nurse leaders face across the state.

This year, the OMNE Annual meeting was focused on providing tools and resources to nurse leaders as they strive to create and sustain healthy work environments. After discussing the topic with the Lunder-Dineen team, they facilitated the presentation of R. Gino Chisari, RN, DNP, Director of the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical and Professional Development at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Chisari’s presentation “Enough is Enough: A Leader’s Guide to Creating a Bully Free Environment” was incredibly well received. Gino is an inspiring, engaging speaker, he gets at the heart of a topic none of us want to admit exists, but all of us know it is there in our workplace. Gino offered tools, strategies and courage, no one left empty handed.
Carole, Labrini, Denise and Gino contributed greatly to the success of our annual meeting. The members of OMNE look forward to continued collaboration with the Lunder-Dineen team."

—Paula Delahanty, RN, BSN, MHSA
Vice President, Nursing Services
Pen Bay Healthcare

Marilyn R. Gugliucci "Working with the Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine has been an incredible opportunity for the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Department of Geriatric Medicine. Their highly professional and skilled staff are taking older adult function and oral health care to new heights.

For Lunder-Dineen’s oral health project, MOTIVATE—Maine’s Oral Team-based Initiative: Vital Access To Education, they have brought together an enthusiastic interprofessional team, each member with impressive accomplishments. This team’s goal is to advance oral health for older adults in Maine. We are first focusing on improving oral health care for residents in Maine Veterans’ Homes and will disseminate proven education and training models across the state and beyond. It is a very inclusive process honoring and engaging the veterans, their families, staff, and administrators at the various sites.

As we say in the field, “Geriatrics is a team sport” and Lunder-Dineen’s leadership supports this approach in all of their older adult related projects. We are proud to be working with Lunder-Dineen through our Annual Maine Geriatrics Conference and the MOTIVATE initiative."

—Marilyn R. Gugliucci, PhD, AGHEF, GSAF, AGSF
Professor & Director, Geriatrics Education and Research
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Department of Geriatric Medicine

Paul S. Goodof "My father, a physician who moved to Maine in 1945, attended medical school and did his internship in Boston, and was blessed with many colleagues who ultimately wound up at Massachusetts General Hospital, and to whom he could turn for second opinions or for help when he came across some disease or problem he had not previously seen. It pleased him immensely that, as I was building a career in Boston, I got involved as a volunteer with Mass General and got to know some of his friends. Now having returned to Maine myself, I am thrilled that through the far-sighted generosity of Paula and Peter Lunder the same kind of connections are being fostered and developed between all kinds of practitioners and clinicians in Maine through Lunder-Dineen, and the educational resources of a major metropolitan teaching hospital are freely and readily being made available to clinicians throughout the state—from York to Calais to Fort Kent and all points between. It’s a privilege to be involved with Lunder-Dineen, led by an immensely talented team with deep Maine roots, as it holds so much promise for the benefit of the citizens of my home state."

—Paul S. Goodof
Consultant to Nonprofits and Private Trustee
Member of Lunder-Dineen Maine Advisory Committee

Leonard Brennan, DMD "The aging population in Maine is rapidly increasing and many seniors are highly vulnerable and at increased risk for diseases. Oral disease is not a normal part of the aging process. It signals a need for effective educational programs and an integrated, interprofessional approach to improving oral health.

The Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine recognized these issues and stepped forward with enthusiastic leadership, team-building experts, and financial support to develop assessment tools and educational programs that will improve the lives of Maine’s most fragile population. They provided the important energy to help create a unique oral health/total health care model for long-term care facilities. Locally, regionally and nationally, the health care system has been looking for a leader willing to take on the challenge of improving the total health of seniors in long-term care. Lunder-Dineen has accepted this difficult task.

The Lunder-Dineen MOTIVATE initiative has the potential to be one of the most innovative and exciting health care models for geriatric oral health care in the United States. Maine seniors will be the beneficiaries of this new and exciting model that helps restore dignity and improved quality of life to our aged population."

—Leonard Brennan, DMD
General dentist and older adult
oral health expert, Portland, Me.
Co-Director, Dental Geriatric
Fellowship Program, Harvard University

Nathaniel Grace "I would like to express my appreciation for the support that Lunder​-​Dineen has provided to Maine service members, veterans and their families through partnering with the Maine Military & Community Network. Through primary sponsorship of the Fourth Annual Maine Military & Community Conference, 234 attendees received education that increased awareness of the community challenge of suicide. This partnership brought Dr. Kelley Posner, author of the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale​,​ to the University of New England where 83 behavioral health professionals were taught in the use of practitioner level tools to identify at risk individuals and ultimately reduce veteran suicide, as well as within the community at large. ​​Lunder Dineen has truly made an impact upon the lives of Maine's military community through a targeted emphasis on health education."

—Nathaniel Grace
Sergeant First Class
Community Liaison
Maine Military Community Network

Leonard Kaye "I would suggest anyone who works with Lunder-Dineen to expect a very positive experience. They’ll go the extra mile to make sure that their programs are the highest quality, are professionally delivered and meet the needs of the audience we serve. There were several strengths that Lunder-Dineen brought to the table that I found particularly attractive. First of all, it was clear that they were highly professional and very much committed to the issues that both Lunder-Dineen and my organization are working to address in Maine. They brought a powerful network of professionals that they could use to identify speakers and experts who could address topics such as the best practices in serving older veterans."

—Lenard Kaye, MD
Director of Center for Aging, University of Maine

Reggie Murray "I would encourage other nurses to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. We’re in a very rural area so it makes it very difficult for us to attend some of the conferences. Lunder-Dineen has been truly valuable in that we are able to utilize the teleconferences for live presentations as well as archived sessions. The knowledge that we’ve gained, and the feasibility and variety of courses were very beneficial for our facility."

—Reggie Murray, RN
Staff and Patient Educator, Northern Maine Medical Center

Lisa Letourneau "In our work at Maine Quality Counts, we try hard to align improvement efforts in the state. Lunder-Dineen understands the need to provide high-quality, accessible, no-cost educational resources to a wide range of Maine health care providers, focusing on topics of high interest. We look forward to ongoing opportunities to partner with them to advance the quality of health care in Maine."

—Lisa M. Letourneau MD, MPH
Executive Director, Maine Quality Counts

Maryagnes Gillman "The online resources and training available to us from the Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance have proven to be invaluable to us in our work here at Sacopee Valley Health Center in Porter, Maine. In particular, the motivational interviewing interactive learning model has provided us with a useful, timely and fun way to provide training for all staff at our health center. We have shown the video vignettes demonstrating the “old” way and the “new” way at our All Staff meeting. Staff have enthusiastically appreciated and enjoyed this training for its brevity and ease of understanding. As the executive director, I am always looking for educational resources that I can incorporate into staff meetings and Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance is terrific."

—Maryagnes Gillman
Executive Director, Sacopee Valley Health Center

Dan Johnson "We expressed an educational need, and were delighted with the educational offering! We appreciate the support and collaboration between Acadia and Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine."

—Dan Johnson, PhD, LCPC, CCS
Director of Educational Services, Acadia Hospital