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Veterans Health Education

Veterans Health EducationVeterans health education is an educational priority for Lunder-Dineen. That includes education for health care professionals on providing optimal care to veterans and their family members, and education on where veterans can gain access to critical resources. 

Lunder-Dineen collaborates closely with experts in Maine and beyond to provide access to high-quality veterans health education. We’re also a proud sponsor of Matter of Duty, a documentary from the Maine Public Broadcasting Network on the impact of PTSD. 


Nathaniel Grace"Lunder Dineen has truly made an impact upon the lives of Maine's military community through a targeted emphasis on health education."

—Nathaniel Grace, Sergeant First Class
Community Liaison, Maine Military Community Network

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18.3% of residents in Maine are 65 and older — one of the highest rates in the country.
(U.S. Census Bureau, 2014) 

Maine has more than 127,000 veterans, with more than 60,000 age 65 and older.
Number of women veterans: 10,000
Number of enrollees in VA Health Care System: 57,294

(U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, September 2014)

Lunder-Dineen was a proud sponsor of this powerful documentary that tells the stories of Maine soldiers who were deployed and returned home to face a new, relentless enemy: post-traumatic stress disorder.


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 Aging Veterans: The Challenges, Some Solutions, and Some Remaining Challenges 

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 Theater of War 

Theater of WarLunder-Dineen is proud to partner with social impact company Outside the Wire to present Theater of War, an innovative public health project that presents readings of ancient Greek plays as a catalyst for an in-depth discussion about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the challenges faced by service members and veterans, their families, caregivers, and communities regarding the unspoken psychological impacts of war. 

Lunder-Dineen sponsored two Theater of War performances in 2013. The first took place in May at the University of Maine in Orono during the 8th Annual University of Maine Geriatrics Colloquium and featured award-winning actor David Strathairn. The second was held at Portland High School's John Ford Theater in November and featured two-time Emmy award winner Mare Winningham and "The Good Wife's" Zach Grenier.