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2021 Program


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We are proud to be endorsed by the OMNE Nursing Leaders of Maine and ANA-Maine.


On behalf of OMNE Nursing Leaders of Maine, I’m pleased to continue to endorse The Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program, a program designed by the Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine and the esteemed members of their Preceptor Advisory Team. This engaging and well-developed preceptor education program provides the foundation for nurses across our state to guide, teach and support nursing students, newly graduated nurses and experienced nurses transitioning to new roles. Nurse Preceptors are Nurse Leaders and their commitment to precepting advances the timely and important goal of recruiting and retaining qualified nurses throughout Maine.

Andrew Gagnon, RN, MSN, CCRN, NRP, CCEMT-P
OMNE President

In my experience as a Nurse Leader, so much more can be accomplished when organizations work together, to collectively address a need and support each other in developing solutions.  As we work collaboratively to address the impending nursing shortage in our state, we can find the solutions needed to continue to provide excellent nursing care for the residents of Maine.  The Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program, a premier education program of the Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine, is a model for working in partnership with Maine’s professional and health care organizations and nursing schools to advance solutions for our nursing workforce needs now and in the future.  As the president of ANA Maine, I’m pleased to support this important education program for our nurses. 


Catherine Snow, RN, PMHRN-BC
ANA-MAINE President


How is the program designed, developed and built?

The program is designed as a blended learning program based on 21st century approaches to health education. It combines learner-engaging online training modules with an interactive, hands-on virtual workshop. The program was developed to address the learning needs of the current multi-generational nursing workforce and to support the recruitment, integration, satisfaction and ultimately the retention of Maine nurses. The program was built by the Lunder-Dineen team and an advisory team of nursing thought leaders working across the continuum of care, utilizing the model of an academic-practice partnership. 

Click here to learn more about the program’s background, funding and copyright.

What has the program accomplished to date?  

To date, a total of 92 health care organizations across Maine have supported the program attendance of almost 900 nurses. 

Each program presentation is thoroughly evaluated, and on-going program refinements are based upon continuous quality improvement processes. Refinements are also based upon on-going environmental scanning of nursing workforce trends, networking with Maine Nurse Leaders, program outreach and Advisory Team recommendations.  

Evaluation findings reflect the following:

  • Program satisfaction scores from participants and faculty remain consistently high each year.  
  • The program provides RNs with a strong foundation to advance their interest, knowledge and skills in assuming the preceptor role.  
  • The program has successfully developed a cadre of RNs prepared to assume the preceptor role and responsibilities.

How does the program benefit your organization?  

The Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program affords organizations cost-free access to our evidence-based professional development program designed to advance and support the delivery of high quality, patient-centered care.  

Registering staff to participate in this standardized preceptor education program meets the learning needs of RNs across the continuum of care, while preserving organizational teaching resources.     

Program participants receive a tool kit of best-practice resources and reference materials to utilize within their organizations.  

During the workshop component of our blended-learning program, participants interact with and share learning experiences with RNs working across the continuum of care. These shared experiences broaden perspectives and understandings of the preceptor role across acute care, behavioral health care, home health and hospice care, long term care, public health, school health and community health settings.  

Click here to see a listing of the organizations whose nurses have participated in our program.


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