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Samantha Nock, BA, Program Manager



Program Manager, Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine

Samantha Nock is Program Manager for the Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine. Samantha joined the Lunder-Dineen team in 2015 following an 8-year career in the Massachusetts General Hospital Social Service Department as a Resource Specialist and a Project Coordinator. Samantha has authored websites, newsletters, educational materials, and enjoys graphic design. During her work in the Social Service Department, Samantha co-chaired a program, which provided support resources and educational materials to children and families dealing with a trauma, sudden illness, or bereavement and was pivotal in securing grant funding to expand the resources available through this program. Samantha also contributed to professional development and education programs through patient education initiatives and public benefit education. Samantha earned a bachelor of arts in Art History and Psychology from Boston University in 2007. Samantha enjoys singing, and playing piano, but her true joy lies with spending time with her husband and two-year old son; she cannot wait start a family band.