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Nursing Grand Rounds

Nursing Grand RoundsParticipate in complimentary Nursing Grand Rounds presented monthly by the Massachusetts General Hospital Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical and Professional Development.

More than 20 sites in Maine participate via mobile access each month in one-hour, live grand rounds on the third Thursday of the month at 1:30pm.

This educational opportunity promotes nursing excellence through scholarly presentations and provides a forum to share expertise focused on the art and science of nursing. All presentations are also accessible on-demand.

To participate, email Carole MacKenzie, RN at

On-Demand Sessions Certified for CE Credits:

After Traumatic Events: Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

This presentation will offer understanding and clarity, and will refocus our thinking on signs and symptoms still relevant one year following the Boston Marathon bombing.


Innovations in Interprofessional Care: Nurses Leading the Future

This webinar is developed from Dr. Janis Bellack’s live presentation of this topic at the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical and Professional Development May 15, 2014 Nursing Grand Rounds program.


The Amazing Life and Times of Florence Nightingale

This webinar will provide an overview of the world's most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale.

Implications for the Braden Scale

This webinar will provide learners with evidence-based information about interventions to improve the care of the patient at risk for pressure ulcers. 

Compassionate Self Care

This presentation will review the science of mind-body interactions, and detail a few simple attitudes and behaviors that engage key mind-body regulators that restore resiliency. 

Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics connects nurses and other clinicians to the world of technology, data, information, meaning, and the work of providing great patient care. 

Pain ReliefBest Practices for Providing Safe, Effective, Satisfactory Pain Relief

Dr. Arnstein’s presentation will review evidence-based approaches to assessing and managing patients with pain. Emerging methods for developing, implementing and refining a pain treatment plan for patients with difficult to control pain is discussed.


Decision Making at End-of-Life: 'Evan Mayday's Good Death'

This educational session will feature the video and a panel presentation to teach professionals about the complexity of illness and decision making for patients and families.


Infection Control: Myths and Misconceptions

This presentation will provide an opportunity to dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions related to infection control practices.


Assessment and Management of Dysphagia in Acute Care

Members of the Speech, Language, Swallowing and Reading Disabilities Department will provide an overview on dysphagia in acute care.


Interprofessional Education: Competencies for Advancing/Optimizing Clinical Practice

Focus on the importance of interdisciplinary education to advance collaboration among disciplines and improve patient care outcomes.



Taking the T to Cultural Competence; Deborah Washington, PhD, RN

The focus of this presentation is on diversity.


Shaping the Future of Healthcare Through Innovation; Ellen-Marie Whelan, NP, PhD, FAAN

The many roles for nurses as we strive to improve care and reduce costs.


A Visit With the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing

Members of the The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN) staff will discuss the role and functions of the Massachusetts Board of Nursing, and provide an update on proposed changes to selected regulations and how the proposed changes impact the MGH community.


The Future is Now: Process Improvement - One Way Forward

This presentation will offer information and insight into process improvement starting with a historical perspective.


Disruptive Behavior: What Happens Next? A Model for Assessment & Intervention

This presentation will review a model for dealing with events to disruptive behavior among staff that is based on surveillance, analysis through the Quality Assessment program, and resolution.


Creating the Ideal Co-Worker - In You

This presentation will provide you with strategies to create healthy work environments with the focus on self-reflection.


Protecting Human Subjects in Research

Nurses and patients collaborate to maximize benefits and minimize harm in a clinical trial on the cutting edge of diabetes research.


The New Learning Environment

The Learning Environment and Magnet Recognition.


A Blueprint For Strategic Leadership

How to develop a strategic vision and be able to motivate and persuade others to acquire that vision.


Focus on Excellent Teamwork and Practice

How valuing mastery and skilled know-how builds a community of excellence.


Patient/Family Centered Care Experience in Cardiac Surgery

This presentation will highlight the patient’s perspective of cardiac surgery based on an account by one of our MGH nurses.

Engaging Conflict from a Relational Stance: The Missing Link in Interprofessional Teamwork?

Engaging conflict at a relational level can defuse the tension, enhance safety and promote a positive work environment.


Evidence-based Practices for Older Adults with Persistent Pain: Helping Without Harming

This presentation will focus on the pain management needs of geriatric patients.


Becoming a Health-Literate Organization: Soup-to-Nuts Strategies

Cindy Brach, MMP, Senior Health Policy Researcher for the US Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.


The Attending Nurse's Role in Identifying and Decreasing Delays in Care

This presentation will describe a new CMS process improvement model based on a three-part aim for framing improvement as a patient safety/quality strategy.


Professional Ethics of Advocacy in Patient Care

The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics and Social Policy Statement provides nurses a framework for articulating the unique role they play in health care reform and for advocating for their patients at the local and national level.


The Bucket List; Jeffrey M. Adams, PhD, RN

Advancing an international research agenda using administrative data in evaluating leadership and organizations, this is a research model that describes the development of his Adams Influence Model (AIM), which seeks to understand the factors, attributes, and processes necessary to achieve influence.


Self Care for Compassion Fatigue; Mary Susan Convery, MSW, LICSW

Learn the strategies of self care in dealing with compassion fatigue, also known as secondary traumatic stress.


Nurse Physician Collaboration in Code Status Discussions

Please join us as we discuss an educational practice intervention to prepare a team of nurses to facilitate code status discussions in collaboration with physicians in order to better prepare patients and their families to make appropriate goals of care decisions.


Temperature Management: Evidence-Based Guidelines and Practices in Critical Care

A review of the development and use of practice guidelines and an overview of nursing management of the patient.


Diabetes Management: The Basics for Safe Inpatient Practice and Optimal Discharge Planning

This presentation will offer a review of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


Nurse-Family Caregiver Partnership for Delirium Prevention

A focus on strategies for partnership and collaboration between nurses and family caregivers for delirium preventive interventions.


Cases in Ethics at End of Life: A Goals of Care Model Provides Advocacy through Clinical

This presentation will provide clinicians with a ‘Goals of Care Model’ that encompasses patient prognosis, values/beliefs and ethical and legal standards related to care at the end of life.


Evaluation of the Professional Practice Environment: Results from an International Study

This presentation will provide information on the professional practice environment survey results from an international study conducted by Dr. Ives Erickson.



On-Demand Unaccredited Sessions: