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2018 Annual Report: A Closer Look — MOTIVATE

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Welcome to the extended online version of our 2018 Annual Report. Thank you for learning about MOTIVATE.

Oral health is both a public health and population health issue. This means that it is important to the health of everyone in Maine. It also means that it is important to the health of specific groups of people, such as older adults.

In the 2018 State of Decay Report from Oral Health America, Maine ranks #33 in the country in terms of older adult oral health. The report recommends a strategic, multi-stakeholder approach combined with education in order to address the issue. This is the approach that Lunder-Dineen uses for its MOTIVATE initiative. Its aim is to improve oral health and overall health for older adults in long-term care. 

Two of our most important goals for MOTIVATE are to:

  • Empower every person on the health care team to work together and provide the best oral care possible to older adults.
  • Teach preventative oral health care and the importance of routine, preventative, daily oral health care.

In addition, we want MOTIVATE to help an organization’s efforts to meet the Institute of Medicine’s framework. The six suggested components for the health care system are: safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable. 

Learn more about MOTIVATE in this exclusive video:

MOTIVATE on Senior Talk

Maine Veterans Home logo

Lunder-Dineen is proud to have Maine Veterans’ Homes (MVH) as a partner in developing, piloting, and refining the MOTIVATE initiative.

We are thankful for MVH leadership’s support and the MVH staff’s readiness for MOTIVATE education. In addition, the geographic diversity of MVH locations makes the partnership ideal as it brings MOTIVATE to several regions of the state.

Watch a video from Go-Live Day at MVH Machias.

Tools of the Trade: Steps in Providing Oral Health Care

Lunder-Dineen makes an effort to share education from our MOTIVATE initiative statewide. We offer a free, on-demand webinar for health care providers in long-term care. It covers best practices to care for the mouth, teeth, gums, dentures, and more. (Use password 'module' when prompted)

Watch this webinar

Oral health is an educational priority for Lunder-Dineen.

As its MOTIVATE oral health initiative evolves, Lunder-Dineen is committed to providing helpful resources for Maine's health care community.

Visit the MOTIVATE oral health resources page on our website.

MOTIVATE resources webpage