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2018 Annual Report: A Closer Look — Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program

Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program

Welcome to the extended online version of our 2018 Annual Report. Thank you for learning about the Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program.

This spring under the direction and guidance of our Preceptor Advisory Team of Nurse Leaders, we successfully launched our fourth program. To date, more than 700 learners from a total of 71 hospitals, health care organizations, and health systems across Maine have participated in our program. 

MNPEP Program Goals Met 2018

Through continuous quality improvement, we are proud to share that we met our established program goals.

These goals include:

  • Sustaining program interest and strong learner enrollment
  • Maximizing the efficient and effective application of technology for streamlined learner use
  • Completion target numbers
  • Learner participation across the state and continuum of care
  • Learner satisfaction with the program content
  • Learner skill acquisition in the online learning environment
  • Extending our learner audience to include nurse educators
  • Establishing a network of contacts for program participants
  • Providing evidence-based tools, best practices, and reference materials for each learner

IOM Framework

Maine Nursing Preceptor Workshop photos

The Value for Program Attendees

  • Education designed to actively engage the learner while allowing time for reflection and practice 
  • Flexibility in where and when to complete the learning modules
  • Personal support with any questions that arise while completing the program 
  • The opportunity to learn from and network with nurses working across the continuum of care
  • A Nurse Preceptor pin for all learners who complete the program
  • A toolkit of resource materials to utilize when working with new nursing orientees

Preceptorship participating organizations

The Value for Participating Organizations

  • Provides RNs with an evidence-based, high-quality preceptor education program
  • Preserves nursing education resources for other organizational initiatives 
  • Advances professional development in nursing leadership
  • Empowers program graduates to apply knowledge and skills to practice 
  • Supports the recruitment of skilled nurses to assume the preceptor role
  • Guides a collaborative practice model for orientees, preceptors, and clinical educators

Learn more about our Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program in this exclusive video:

Full Munn Center quote:

Munn Center quote

Our Advisory Team

Learn more about the team...

Lunder-Dineen Preceptorship Advisory Team

Preceptor core competencies module

The Massachusetts General Hospital Global Nursing program hosted four nurse leaders from the Clinix Health Group in South Africa, for a Nursing Leadership Program. The program was held from June 18-29, 2018, and included meetings and observational experiences with MGH leaders, formal classroom learning and completion of individual learning projects. Carole MacKenzie, BSN, MEd, RN-BC, Lunder-Dineen’s professional development specialist, was invited to participate in the program. Carole presented classroom sessions on Managing Change and Leading in the 21st Century. 

Pictured with Carole is Mary Sebert, RN, MPH, MGH Global Health International Nurse Program Manager; and the South African Visiting Nurses.

Pictured with Carole is Mary Sebert, RN, MPH, MGH Global Health International Nurse Program Manager; and the South African visiting nurses.