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Initial Online Modules

You have several weeks to complete the eight 30-minute online modules and must complete them all prior to attending the live workshop.

Module New Module Titles 2018–2020
1 New Strategies for 21st Century Teaching and Lifelong Learning
2 From the Rotary Phone to the iPhone — The Multigenerational Workforce
3 Navigating the Practice Continuum — The Role of the Preceptor and Educator
4 Legal, Ethical & Professional Standards — What Do I Need to Know?
5 The Essence of Preceptor Practice — Communication and Collaboration
6 The Road Map to Success — Developing the Teaching Plan
7 Yes, Back to Benner for Preceptor Development
8 The Art and Science of Performance Evaluation
  Maine Nurse Core Competencies — A Framework to Ensure a Competent Maine Nursing Workforce for the Future (an optional ninth module)