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Lunder-Dineen Annual Report 2017

"I know my home state of Maine benefits greatly from the efforts of Lunder-Dineen."

 Jeanette Ives Erickson, RN, DNP
Lunder-Dineen Co-Chair

Lunder-Dineen equips and empowers interprofessional health care teams in Maine to address important public health issues. This fulfills a shared vision of the Lunder Foundation/Lunder family and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Read below to learn more about our unique health education initiatives and download our 2017 Annual Report for a behind-the-scenes look at our progress over the last year.

  • MOTIVATE — This program provides a model for team-based education and practice for Maine health professionals and the communities they serve. Our goal extends beyond improving the quality of oral health care. We also want to boost human capital and create a collaborative solution to oral health care through education of interprofessional health care teams. 
  • Time to Ask — Primary care practices are uniquely situated to identify patients who are at risk for unhealthy drinking. This program provides health care professionals with knowledge, skills and attitudes to engage in meaningful conversations about alcohol use. It supports primary care teams in establishing best practices to advance compassionate and outcome-based patient care. 
  • Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program — Strong work is underway across Maine and among leading health care organizations to address the impending nursing shortage. In keeping with this work, this initiative is designed to demonstrate that a standardized, evidence-informed program advances and supports the recruitment, integration, satisfaction and retention of nurses across the continuum of care. 

We are proud to have three distinct products on oral health, unhealthy alcohol use and nursing leadership. Over the course of 2018 and 2019, we plan to increase the distribution and penetration/reach of these three valuable products by offering them to additional long-term care settings, primary care practices, and nurses across Maine.


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