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Lunder-Dineen Annual Report 2016

Download the 2016 Annual Report to learn more.

The Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine is fulfilling the shared vision of the Lunder Foundation/Lunder family and Massachusetts General Hospital to equip and empower interprofessional health care teams in Maine to address important public health issues.

Thank you for your interest in the Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine!

Download our 2016 annual report to learn about the progress and partnerships we made with our educational initiatives in 2016.

  • Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program—To support nursing leadership, Lunder-Dineen developed and launched the Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program.  Since the program launched in 2015, more than 300 nurses, from over 50 organizations in Maine have completed the program.  The program is launching again statewide in the spring of 2017, with an anticipated enrollment of an additional 200 nurses.  
  • MOTIVATE—The oral health education program, MOTIVATE, incorporated 21st century best practices to design, develop and launch a pilot interprofessional education and collaborative practice program to address the oral health needs of veterans residing in long term care settings.  It is anticipated this program model can serve as a prototype for oral health education, in long term care settings nationwide.
  • Time to Ask—The unhealthy alcohol use initiative is well positioned to pilot a program designed to guide primary care practices in incorporating a model for interprofessional education and practice, to transform patient conversations and care.

"Our work centers on the pressing health education needs that are likely to impact you, your family and your neighbors. I invite you to join us and mold the future of health care across our state."

James J. Dineen, MD
Lunder-Dineen Co-Chair

Learn more on page 23 of our 2016 Annual Report.