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2014 September E-newsletter


MOTIVATE – Maine’s Oral Team-Based Initiative: Vital Access to Education
Oral Health Leads to Total Health

MOTIVATE: Maine's Oral Team-Based Initiative: Vital Access to EducationWe are pleased to announce our new oral health education program titled MOTIVATE: Maine’s Oral Team-Based Initiative: Vital Access to Education.

MOTIVATE is an innovative, evidence-based, and Maine-tailored program being developed by Lunder-Dineen and a team of Maine-based experts in response to national calls-to-action from the U.S. Surgeon General, American Dental Association, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and others to raise awareness about the connection between good oral health and good systemic health. The program will improve, promote, and protect the oral health and overall health of Maine’s long-term care residents by advancing the skills, expertise, interprofessional education, and practice of health care professionals.

According to Portland-based older adult health expert and MOTIVATE team member Leonard Brennan, DMD, the rate of dental disease in residents living in long-term care settings often progresses rapidly. The result is tooth decay, swollen and sore gums, difficulty eating, pain, and distress. “In many cases, long-term care residents may live with oral health problems because they think it is just part of aging,” Brennan says. “Attending to the oral health needs of long-term care residents will improve their overall health by reducing infections and the difficult problems they cause.”

A team of statewide experts convened by Lunder-Dineen – including Dr. Brennan, University of Maine, University of New England, Maine Dental Association, and Maine Veterans Homes – will develop and implement this innovative, interprofessional, evidence-based, and sustainable educational model to serve as an example that can be utilized to improve oral health across health care settings. The model will include a “blended learning” program of online learning modules combined with an in-person workshop.

Lunder-Dineen has a vision for this initiative to support overall health through innovative oral health education. Long-term care settings present a unique opportunity to work with an interprofessional team on developing and piloting evidence-based practices that improve quality of life and overall health through the use of practical, valuable, effective, cost-saving measures in oral health care.

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MGH Nursing Grand Rounds: Best Practices for Providing Safe, Effective, Satisfactory Pain Relief

The identification and management of pain remains an important part of the patient-centered care nurses provide each day. Dr. Arnstein's presentation will review evidence-based approaches to assessing and managing patients with pain. Emerging methods for developing, implementing, and refining a pain treatment plan for patients with difficult to control pain are discussed. The presentation will also review tools being used to monitor the quality and safety of pain control.

Faculty: Paul Arnstein, RN, PhD, FNP-C, ACNS-BC

This program is intended for registered nurses.

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: Dementia and Primary Care

Dementia and Primary Care: A Structured Team Approach

Dr. Renfrew's presentation discusses improving the quality of care for the elderly, focusing on screening and prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up and continuity of care. Dr. Renfrew outlines the approach to dementia care in his primary care office based on the ACOVE (Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders) quality improvement indicators. Team structure and team member roles are summarized.

This webinar is developed from Dr. Renfrew's live presentation of this topic at the "Preparing for the Future: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias" conference held on June 15, 2013 in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Faculty: Roger Renfrew, MD, FACP

This program is intended for physicians (DOs and MDs) and physician assistants.

Communities in Action Symposium: Ingredients for Healthy Brain Development

Dr. Levitt's presentation will provide course participants with the latest research regarding the impact of stress and trauma on childhood brain development, and the important role the community plays in both prevention of adverse outcomes and best practice interventions.

Faculty: Pat Levitt, PhD

This program is intended for family physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists and nurses. This program also presents content relevant to a broad audience of learners, including teachers and social workers.

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